From Wrinkles and Staines to Stripes and Skulls

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Although you don’t SEE my husband, he does exist. He prefers not to be on the blog or anywhere online. I think my husband is pretty handsome and I’d love to show more pictures of us, but I adhere to his wishes of anonymity (although you can see him here). However, what he doesn’t get away from is taking pictures of ME and the kids. I mean, a style blogger has to have a photographer, right?!

He knows that on the weekends I will ask him to take a few pictures of me for the blog and despite him hating every second of it, he does it and knows what kind of shots I’m looking for and what I want to show or portray.

This past Sunday was a gorgeous day here in the Washington, D.C. area and after a manic morning, I quickly got dressed so that we could head out in the sun. We walked to the Old Town waterfront and I asked the Mr. to take a few pictures.

He looked back at me and said “now?”

“Yes, please.”

“Are you sure?”

Laughing a little “Yes. Don’t be embarrassed” I responded.

“Oh I’m not…” he said and he snapped away.

Then he handed over the phone and said “Have a look and let me know if those are okay, I didn’t think you’d want pictures right now.”

Completely confused, I took back my phone and looked through the pictures — and THIS is what I saw!


NO WONDER! It may not look that bad to some, but believe me, it was. I then caught sight of myself in a shop window and I suddenly felt super self conscious. Mega wrinkled clothes are not a good look for anyone. A little wrinkle is fine, but wearing a top that looks like it was bunched up in a ball at the bottom of my hamper for months is a major HELL NO.


I don’t need things to be perfectly ironed, but I do like them neat and um — clean. I had a huge brown stain right in the middle. That’s why the Mr. was so surprised that 1) I left the house with this on and 2) that I wanted pictures to post on the blog.

*face palm*


Skull studded bracelet a gift from my sister for my birthday | Striped top from Loft borrowed from my mamá
Rockstar Maternity Jeans from Old Navy | Sandals from Target | On the Mark Stella & Dot Necklace
Ruth Barzel Black Agate Pendant


Eventually we got home, and I just started all over. I changed into this striped top, switched out my jeans, took out my sandals and accessorized with a skull studded bracelet.


Ahhhhh! I felt better and apparently the Mr. looked relieved too. We enjoyed a quiet afternoon (M was with Oma) then went out for a late coffee date in the evening.


And just because I haven’t posted a picture of my girl in a while….here you go.


¡Mi niña! Three months next week and as sweet as ever.


And that’s my wrinkly and stained shirt turned chic stripes and skull story.
Can you go through the day with wrinkled clothes?


  • Belén Cusi

    The next thing on my “TO BUY NOW” list is a littler steamer!! What a huge difference it makes…. me encanta tu blog!!! Tenes una frescura contagiable y un estilo muy lindo. Te saluda una Argentina Bostoniense! :)


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