3 Ways to Style Baseball Hats with MakerWear

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Compensated post in collaboration with MakerWear and Target. Views and style ideas are my own – of course!

Yet another style surprise for me — I have never ever worn baseball caps or hats (ok, I may have worn a Dave Matthews Band hat the summer of 1997 but I’m pretty sure that was the last time!) My husband doesn’t own any either and I just don’t know how to wear them or where I would wear them to.

I like hats and I own several in the form of fedoras, newsboy caps, knit hats or something with a more feminine look. When I was asked to style three different hats from MakerWear — which are all caps and exclusively sold at Target, I knew I was in for a challenge. Regardless, I was excited to see how and what I could come up with. 

Here are three ways to style baseball hats — they are different enough looks to inspire you to give them a try.

How to wear Baseball hats 3 ways to style baseball hats MakerWear Very Busy Mama #ootd

Ways to Style Baseball Hats No. 1

How to wear  baseball hat How to style a baseball hat Put a Bird On It MakerWear Very Busy Mama #ootd

This was the first hat I styled. I chose the five fold cap because I liked the feminine touch with the colorful birds and bravely said “Yes, I’ll put a bird on it!” Baseball hats were made for men, so in wearing them you have to accentuate your womanly features in order to create a contrast. I felt I was dressed up for hunting, so I added the scarf and focused on my hair and makeup. You don’t want to get lost when wearing a hat.

HAIR: Wavy or curly hair when wearing a cap adds glamor to the look.

FACE: Red lips are a must — your face is hidden under the bill, so bright lips allow your face to still be noticed.

OUTFIT: Blue button down shirt, black skinny jeans from Old Navy, Gap jean jacket and knitted vest and a striped scarf. PLEASE, skip the sneakers and add boots or suede booties to dress up the look.


Ways to Style Baseball Hats No. 2

How to Wear Baseball Hats How to Style Baseball Hats MakerWear Party Hat Very Busy Mama #ootd

This look happened by chance. I wasn’t sure what to do with the “Party” hat and then boom! It just came together. I chose this one because it’s such an oxymoron — my party days are over but everyday is a wild day with two kids. Instead of red plastic cups on the floor, beer stains on the carpet, a random person passed out on the sofa and the IT song of the moment playing in the background, I have half empty sippy cups all over the house, milk stains on the carpets, a baby passed out on the playroom floor and Kidz Bop on replay. I could argue the PARTY isn’t over just yet.

HAIR: Loose waves or messy chic look. Best to keep hair down to add cuteness and femininity to your look.

FACE: Again, red or bright lips are a must — your face is hidden under the bill, so color allows your face to still be noticed. 

OUTFIT: Blue polka dot button down blouse, Sierra Stella & Dot Necklace, sleeveless Gap cardigan, skinny burgundy jeans, over the knee boots and green Merona handbag from Target.


Ways to Style Baseball Hats No. 3

How To Wear Baseball Hats How To Style Baseball Hats MakerWear Hats Very Busy Mama #ootd

When I saw this hat I laughed to myself — “noise?” I thought. Yep. No silence here. Or least not until my kids they are off to college. In my life there is constant noise — crying, whining, laughing, yelling, the Fresh Beat Band for the millionth time — you get it. I’m sure the artist didn’t have this in mind when he designed it, but art is left up to interpretation, right?! Sundays are laundry, family, lazy and get ready for the week days so I opted for a more relaxed look. Besides, hair wasn’t washed so that worked out great!

HAIR:  Down and loose. I don’t personally like ponytails with hats.

FACE: It’s Sunday so whatever you want! I had just come home from a birthday party so I still had makeup on.

OUTFIT: Fleece leggings (so warm!), argyle socks, Superga sneakers and long houndstooth cardigan from Forever 21.


Maker Wear Hats How to style baseball caps for girls

MakerWear’s goal is to “transform the latest in pop culture into fresh couture…Anyone with an idea can submit a design, or vote for their favorite. The best designs get made, and make it to the shelves of stores like Target, all across the country, and the designer gets a cut of the sales. It’s not just a whole new way of doing business; it’s a better way, the MakerWear way, Powered by the People.”

Now through February 9th, MakerWear holding a Face of the Revolution Model Search where you can win a $1000 Target Gift Card and star in a photo shoot for the brand. Pretty sweet, right?

Now, which of the three looks is your favorite? Which hat would YOU choose and how would you style it?


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  • thriftychicmom

    I can not believe you do not have hats, you look great in them I love how you styled these!

    • http://www.verybusymamablog.com/ María José Ovalle

      Thanks Ellen and it’s true! No caps for me until now :)

  • Andrea Summers

    Gorgeous!!! Love these looks. Thank you for linking up with Real Mom Style


    • http://www.verybusymamablog.com/ María José Ovalle

      Hi Andrea, thanks very much! I look forward to the #RealMomStyle link up and getting to know you and your site more. It’s already a favorite :)

  • Ruth Alvarez

    I want some hats so bad! But i just don’t know if I’ll look too boyish in them! these are great though!

    you look good!


    • http://www.verybusymamablog.com/ María José Ovalle

      Hi Ruth, that has always been my fear too, that’s why I didn’t have any, I didn’t know how to propery style them. Play around with different looks, always add jewelry, nice makeup and form fitting clothes (such as jeggings or skinny jeans) to keep the femininity. First create the outfit and then add the hat. Let me know how it goes!


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