10 Must Have Boyfriend Cardigans Under $30

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There is nothing I love more than wrapping up in cardigan — especially boyfriend cardigans.

Not just any will do, it has to be cozy, warm and of course stylish. Something I can wear at home and go out in as well. This season, long boyfriend cardigans have arrived and they are chunkier, have more patterns, colors and textures than before.

I personally love the oversized look and being able to make a statement with knits — which most times are boring and go unnoticed is just great! They are especially an important piece of clothing for us mamas — easy to wear, fits into our busy lifestyle and can be dressed up or down.

Here are 10 boyfriend style cardigans from Forever 21 that are under $30, super stylish and can be worn with jeans, dresses, and skirts.

10 Boyfriend Cardigans from Forever 21 under $30


Now, I don’t know about you, but I am deathly afraid of Forever 21. It’s always messy, there is SO MUCH going on in there that I don’t know where to look and I just feel super old.

However, if you look online first and go in there with a mission, it makes it much easier to shop. Otherwise you get all #$%&! in there and want to scream or kick someone.

They also have a plus-size section, which I was happy to see, because back in the day it was only up to size 8 or something and the clothes were only for middle schoolers. I should know, I had to take my younger sister, who is ten years younger than me shopping in there and I was mortified at what they sold. Clearly they have changed that — I’m finding you can get great pieces for fantastic prices, for all sizes!

Ultimately my personal favorite is the Union Jack Boyfriend Cardigan — when I saw it I was instantly drawn to it. I’ve never worn something so blatantly bold — after all the Union Jack covered the entire back, but I had to have it.

Union Jack Boyfriend Cardigans Forever 21 Very Busy Mama

Emma Bridgewater Cups and Union Jack Boyfriend Cardigans Very Busy Mama

As I mentioned, I love wearing them over a simple dress, with tights and over the knee boots. With the arctic temperatures we were having the last few weeks, it was perfect to wrap in at home and enjoy a cup of tea.

I mostly watched the snow from my porch — I had no desire to go out!

Boyfriend Cardigans from Forever 21 Union Jack Very Busy Mama

 How you can style boyfriend cardigans (as seen in the slideshow above):

–> As a jacket or coat. If it’s not that cold, just grab a boyfriend cardigan and head out! Gives you a cool, casual yet stylish look. Great for school runs or going to the playground with the kids!

–> Jeans and a t-shirt. Add a statement necklace and you are good to go. It’s a super mama friendly look!

–> With a skirt and top. Add height with boots or pumps.

–> Above the knee dress and boots. Note the above the knee here — it’s very important you don’t “bring yourself down” with your clothes.   Boyfriend cardigans are longer and chunkier so make sure the dress is above or right at the knee. Add colored or patterned tights, knee high boots or booties.

–> With leather pants or jeggings, pumps and loose and flowy top. The leather gives you an edge and the boyfriend cardigan wraps you up giving you a comfy chic look!

How do you style your boyfriend cardigans? Which one is your favorite?

  • http://www.rosewode.com/ Ali

    Gorgeous photos of you Maria! Who takes them for you? I love the boots and that cosy white scarf. I like that style of sweater too, although I find they look neater on me without pockets.


  • thriftychicmom

    I love a great oversized cardigan, that camo one is fun and the union jack looks great on you!

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