Get the Look: Winter to Spring with Camo Flower Jeans

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I am styling a pair of camo flower jeans as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® I purchased the camo flower jeans from Sears to highlight how to get the look to transition from winter to spring.

Once again I have been been completely surprised by fashion. Something I thought I most likely couldn’t (or wouldn’t) wear ever has turned out to be an amazing look!

Get the Look How to Wear Camo Flower Jeans with Suede Booties searsStyle Very Busy Mama #shop

I’ve seen camouflage or camo pants everywhere — it took me a while to warm up to them, but even then I hadn’t actually “approached” them. I kept playing around with ideas on how to wear them and how I could get the look in my head, but had not taken the initiative to get out there and try them on.

However, my motto on this blog and in my life has always been to TRY IT ON before passing on it.

Sears had a variety of colored and printed denim — more than I expected really. Then my eyes landed on what what was a mix of flowers and…hold on…CAMO!

Get the Look searsStyle True Freedom Camo Flower Jeggings Camo Flower Jeans Very Busy Mama #shop

I believe these jeans were made for me. They were not the traditional camo pants I have been seeing everywhere and the burgundy and dark brown flowers add a touch of femininity and give it a spring time feel.

My mind immediately began formulating different outfits, especially to transition from winter to spring and rock the camo look I had been admiring and slightly fearing from afar.

Camo Jeans Camo Flower Jeans with Poncho Very Busy Mama Get the Look How to Wear It #shop searsStyle

Get the Look

The best way to wear camo flower jeans the rest of the winter and then in the spring is to start from the bottom up.

Start with the shoes. In this case, I added a pair of suede booties with a low heel, a blue button down shirt and a blue sweater poncho — which are both part of my mamá uniform. I took my everyday basics and turned them up a few notches.

To complete the look, I applied a blood orange lipstick which is a spin off of the traditional red and perfect for a fresh end of winter beginning of spring look.

Get the Look How to Wear It Poncho Sweater with Camo Flower Pants Camo Jeans Very Busy Mama #shop

The outfit was a hit at my son’s 5th birthday party — my mother looked down at my jeans and said “¿Son pantanlones estilo militar?/are those military style pants?” Giggling a little because she wasn’t sure what she was looking at.

It was actually quite funny, she didn’t know the word for camo and never thought I’d be wearing them. Eventually after checking them out a while longer she said “Se ven bien. Me gustan las flores/They look good. I like the flowers.”

Get the Look How to Wear Very Busy Mama Camo Flower Pants Camo Jeans Sweater Poncho Suede Booties searsStyle #shop

This was my favorite look, but I have styled the camo flower jeans in a variety of ways. Mostly with boots since it is cold, and the button down shirt.

Get the Look for Spring

Once it gets warmer tuck the jeans under (if they are too long) to cut off right at the ankles, wear flats or moccasins and a loose grey or blue blouse under a leather or jeanjacket or blazer.

You can double layer if you want and go for the leather and jeanjacket together!

Get the Look Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Blood Orange Lipstick

As for us mamas, wear the jeans like any  other — don’t be scared. Like I said, I teamed it up with my comfy button down shirt and poncho that I’ve had for ages!

If you look closely, there may even be a milk or snot stain somewhere. That’s just life!  No need to run out and shop for new pieces, just play around with what you have and look fabulous at home, at the playground, at a playdate or for date night!

As I mentioned earlier, your makeup needs to transition as well — I’m personally liking the blood orange look. The one I’m wearing is Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss number 12. It’s a fresh and vibrant color and a bargain too — only $5!

For more style inspiration and ideas on how to get the look for colored, printed or distressed denim see the Sears #ThisIsStyle Pinterest board.


How would you style camo or camo flower jeans?

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  • Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen

    Wow those jeans fit you so well! Now that’s a camo I could rock, and I gotta say I LOVE the blood orange lips!!


    Okay, now that’s camo I can get on board with! I love that it isn’t a literal take on the trend and the touch of pink makes it a lot more fun. Digging it with the bright lips too!

    • María José Ovalle

      That’s what I liked too — not too boyish and the add a bit of softness to the look!

  • Alex

    Pretty cool lady! Skinny camo jeans. Never knew they existed!! You look fantastic as ever. Love how you’ve styled them! Send #Cbias my way ;-) xx

    • María José Ovalle

      #Cbias is in the UK! You have to get in touch with them! Let me find out who you need to speak to. I thought you might like this look as you are the queen of prints :)

  • Nicole Scully

    This is a GREAT look for you– the whole thing. You look fantastic, as always. Loving the blood orange lips:)

    • María José Ovalle

      Gracias bella! How are you doing? I miss you and we HAVE to get together. You know I love a good lip color and I took a chance with printed jeans :)

  • Nikki Johnson

    I love this look!! You look fantastic and that sweater poncho looks super comfy!

    • María José Ovalle

      Thanks Nikki, thanks to T25 I can wear them…see the curvature around the hips? Yeah, that’s thanks to those squats. I would have NEVER done a side butt shot!

  • Carly

    love love love…did I say love? You know I love a great camo..and add in the floral..SO FUN!! You look great and love the lip color on you. C

    • María José Ovalle

      I actually thought of you, I swear! I have seen you wear it and seeing others inspires me xo

  • allthingschic

    LOVE these! I’ve had my eye on a pair of camp jeans for awhile now – these look just fab! Id pair mine with a moto jacket – 2 trends that work well together!

    • María José Ovalle

      Ooooh moto jacket, I like I like. I’m still experimenting so I’ll add that to my style line up. Love playing dress up!

  • Notas de Mamá

    Me encantó el estampado de los jeans y el color del labial está PRECIOSO!

    • María José Ovalle

      ¡Gracias Carla! Espero que estes bien — cuanto te falta??

  • DC Celine

    I’ve been eyeing camo skinnies every time I’m in a store, but, like you, hadn’t gotten around to trying them out. This is exactly how I’d want to wear them. The mix is dressed up, modern casual, and I love it! Love the lipstick, too (wore mine today in the snow!)

    • María José Ovalle

      I’ve been checking them out for a while, but figured, I’ll pass on this one. But when I saw the flower mix at Sears I thought they were made for this mama!

  • Katie @ A Mother Thing

    Those are seriously adorable! I can think of so many ways to wear them!!

    • María José Ovalle

      Thanks Katie! Right now it’s all boots for me as we have snow and it’s cold, but come spring, cute flats or sandals. Hope you and are well! :)

  • Magdalena Wiewiora-Cox

    Not my style but I like how they look on you!

    • María José Ovalle

      Thank you! I was scared, but the flowers made it seem less harsh :)

  • we3ramirez

    I never would have guessed Sears…so fun! Makes me think I might be brave enough to try printed pants!

  • Sandra McKinney Rivas

    I am not a camo person at all, but I think the flowers make this look much more feminine. I love the way they look with the sweater. I do have a pair of printed paisley jeans that I finally felt brave enough to wear last year. I will definitely be investing in more printed jeans. They’re such fun!

  • Mariana Azuero

    You look great! I haven’t tried printed pants yet. Might in the future :)

  • Paola Romero

    I like your style!! Nice!!

  • Nicole Elliott

    I picked some floral print denim up from Sears and I loved it but I missed these ones! They’re wild but you’re right that on they’re super cute! I would have never thought to pair them with blue on top but it all balances out quite nicely, too funny about your mom too :) #client

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