10 Reasons Focus T25 is the Perfect Workout for Moms

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10 Reasons Why Focus T25 is the Perfect Workout for Moms

Shaun T. creator of Focus T25 says, “I know you’re busy. But anybody can find 25 minutes in their day to work out. And with FOCUS T25, 25 minutes is all you’ll need. If you focus — from minute 1 to minute 25 — you’re going to get an incredible workout. I will get your body so lean and cut, you won’t recognize it 50 days from now.”

10 Reasons why Focus T25 is the Perfect Workout for Moms

1. Only takes 25 minutes. We spend more time on Facebook everyday, so just forgo your online time for workout time.

2. You do not need to leave the comforts of your home.

3. No need to pay for a babysitter.

4. Can workout with your kids nearby (my daughter is in her playpen).

5. One meal (Shakeology) is already set for you — no need to think about it!

6. No equipment needed. Just YOU!

7. The structure of the 10 week plan keeps you focused and motivated to keep going.

8. Shaun T. is easy on the eyes (ummm, hello biceps!)

9. There is a “low impact” or “modified” version for all fitness levels — so no excuses!

10. Guaranteed you won’t miss a workout — because it will be staring you in the face all day until you do.

Focus 25 is the perfect workout for moms

My daughter will be ONE at the end of the month.

Since having her, I lost 15 lbs in the first few months and then gained them back plus a few more.

I have not exercised and I have not watched my eating — although I’ve tried here and there, but having no real plans or focus, the weight just comes back on. Having two kids, working from home and the general everyday stresses of life have certainly affected me.

I love Medifast, I did it before getting pregnant and I lost 23 lbs — but I exercised! I did it again, but due to lack of actual body movement I didn’t get very far.

I did Stroller Strides which I adore, but I was more tired having two kids and couldn’t manage to make it on time and it cut into my day.

Quickly I realized that I needed to be able to exercise at home because I didn’t have babysitters during the day and my husband works long hours and travels. I couldn’t join a gym because of the cost so I simply gave up.

YES, I THREW IN THE TOWEL and poured myself another glass of wine and ate whatever I wanted.

For a while, I was generally ok with my weight — I always say you should look and feel your best no matter your size. I know how to dress for my shape and I do a great job of disguising problem areas.

But guess what?

I wasn’t happy with my body and my all around health.  I wasn’t looking my best and I felt BLAH. Yes, BLAH. Like a blob. I had no energy, no strength in my arms or legs and always felt like caca. I ate way too much sugar, breakfast was sometimes a Coke Zero and I’d just pick at my kids food all day. Then I’d binge because I was hungry. I hate that word, but it’s true.

We all have an AHA moment and mine came after seeing fellow mom, blogger and T25 coach Nikki doing a workout in her bedroom. Sure, I could have bought any fitness video, but we all like to be praised, encouraged and have a set plan to make our goals (at least I do) and joining her challenge team was what I needed.

Cut to, and I’m finally, actually FOR REAL working out.

In my basement.

With my daughter in her playpen.

It’s only 25 minutes a day.

Yes it’s intense cardio, but THAT’S IT!

You get it done.

Focus T25 best workout for moms

The T25 plan comes with their Shakeology shakes to replace one meal and menu ideas. Today is my second day and I feel good. Muscles are sore and I feel like the two time marathoner that I am! I want to work out, I want to feel better, reduce my stress levels and just be the old, happy me.

Here’s to the next 10 weeks!

Now you see why Focus T25 is the perfect workout for moms?

  • Laurie Colvin Wright

    Maria, I’m Nikki’s mom, Laurie. She shared your blog post with me, and after reading it, I wanted to let you know that today is my last day of T25. I’ve had an incredible journey over the last 10 weeks. I’m 54 years old and haven’t felt this strong and in shape in years. I’m down to the lowest weight I’ve been in over 7 years. (I’ve lost a total of 5 pounds – over the holidays! – since I began T25.) I’m excited to start the 90 day P90x3 program on Monday with a new challenge group. Although I’ll miss Shaun T, I’m excited to get to know Tony Horton!!! I hope you took before pics. I think those saved me mid-point. I took pictures before & after Alpha and saw a difference and it motivated me even more. (P.S. I found Beta easier and more fun than Alpha!) Good luck in your journey.

    • http://www.verybusymamablog.com/ María José Ovalle

      Hi Laurie, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I’m on week 4 and feeling good but not seeing much loss in weight. However, with all of those squat my bottom and legs are beginning to take shape :) I’m a bit nervous about the Beta phase…I still have a hard time with speed and jumping. It’s hard on my knees!

  • Laurie Wright

    Don’t focus so much on weight. I actually gained a couple of pounds one week! But now I realize it was b/c I was replacing fat with muscle which weighs more. And don’t be afraid of Beta. I was too but I loved Beta so much more than Alpha. I used 5 pound hand weights instead of the Dyna band which is more complicated. I think the Dyna band would be good if you’re traveling but the weights feel much more effective. Last but not least, I still can’t do the jump and hit your knees exercise. I just followed Tania. Thank God for Tania!!!! Keep at it and don’t be so hard on yourself. The before/after pictures will tell the real story. (BTW, Did Nikki tell you about the new program coming out called 21 Day Fix? You can eat what you want but it comes with containers and your meals have to fit into the containers so it really helps with portion control. It also comes with an exercise DVD set but you can use the meal part with any other exercise program you are doing. The 21 Day Fix comes out on Feb 3rd.)

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